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06:52:12 Source Code scm commit: * debian/{*,*,rules.d/*}: Stop hardcoding our upstream version all over the place and use GLIBC_VERSION instead. * debian/ Unconditionally wipe on major version upgrades, which is significantly less error-prone. (r6433)Adam Conrad
09:15:47 Source Code scm commit: * debian/patches/powerpc/cvs-ppc-sqrt.diff: Fix sqrt() on powerpc. * debian/patches/powerpc/cvs-ppc-sqrtf.diff: Likewise for sqrtf(). * debian/patches/powerpc/cvs-ppc-pow.diff: Likewise for pow(). * debian/patches/powerpc/cvs-ppc-feraiseexcept.diff: Fix inline feraiseexcept and feclearexcept macro input conversion on PPC. * debian/patches/any/submitted-longdouble.diff: Refresh for above. * debian/patches/any/local-disable-test-tgmath2.diff: Likewise. * debian/patches/any/cvs-logbl-accuracy.diff: Fix ldbl-128ibm logbl. * debian/patches/powerpc/local-math-logb.diff: Refresh and move to debian/patches/any/local-math-logb.diff, as it's not PPC-specific. * debian/patches/any/cvs-localplt-new-readelf.diff: Preemptively fix localplt test breakage with binutils 2.26 before it lands. * debian/patches/any/cvs-make-typo.diff: Fix typo in elf/Makefile. * debian/patches/powerpc/cvs-power7-strncpy.diff: Optimize strncpy for POWER7 drastically (10-70%) on strings longer than 16 chars. * debian/patches/powerpc/cvs-ppc-tabort-le.diff: Fix TABORT encoding when building on toolchains without HTM support (no-op on gcc-4.9) * debian/patches/arm/cvs-arm-sfi_breg.diff: Fix LDR_GLOBAL macro. * debian/patches/arm/cvs-memcpy-memmove-always-bx.diff: Fix memcpy and memmove for the ARM_ALWAYS_BX class of hardware like ArmadaXP. (r6432)Adam Conrad
02:21:01 Source Code scm commit: patches/hurd-i386/cvs-check-local-headers.diff: New patch, clears spurious local-header warnings. (r6431)Samuel Thibault
02:03:32 Source Code scm commit: Update cvs-libpthread.diff, fixes a lot of structure field names visibility (r6430)Samuel Thibault
23:52:08 Source Code scm commit: check-local-headers script was fixed upstream (r6429)Samuel Thibault
23:12:18 Source Code scm commit: * debian/patches/any/local-libgcc-compat-main.diff: Fix definition of __floatdisf for sparc. * debian/patches/any/local-libgcc-compat-ports.diff: Fix definition of __floatdisf for mips. Remove usage of INTUSE. (r6428)Aurelien Jarno
22:56:58 Source Code scm commit: * New upstream version: - New leap second 2015-06-30 23:59:60 UTC (closes: #775161). - New DST for Mongolia. - New DST for Palestine. - New DST for Cancun (Mexico). - New DST for Chile. - New DST for Fiji. - Timezone change for Turks & Caicos. - New timezone for Bougainville (Papua New Guinea). - New timezone abbreviation for Belarus. (r6427)Aurelien Jarno
21:23:00 Source Code scm commit: * testsuite-checking/expected-results-{i586-gnu-libc,i686-gnu- {i386,i686,xen}}: update testsuite results (r6426)Samuel Thibault
15:58:09 Source Code scm commit: debian/patches/alpha/submitted-PTR_MANGLE.diff: Use IS_IN macros. (r6425)Adam Conrad
15:48:56 Source Code scm commit: debian/patches/kfreebsd/local-no-pldd.diff: Drop, no longer used. (r6424)Adam Conrad
15:43:54 Source Code scm commit: debian/{rules.d/,sysdeps/*}: Define per-platform pldd variable to control installation of usr/bin/pldd in libc-bin, and leverage the same trick to decide to install usr/lib/pt_chown too. (r6423)Adam Conrad
15:21:24 Source Code scm commit: Separate out tests which fail on linux-i386 too (r6422)Samuel Thibault
15:15:47 Source Code scm commit: Separate out tests which seem to have been fixed on hurd on 2.19 already (r6421)Samuel Thibault
14:03:39 Source Code scm commit: hurd: Fix pthread_exit forward build (r6420)Samuel Thibault
12:56:08 Source Code scm commit: Fix rtld errno access (r6419)Samuel Thibault
12:51:54 Source Code scm commit: Fix errno access in rtld (r6418)Samuel Thibault
12:03:33 Source Code scm commit: revert r6404: we can't change the symbol version since existing binaries refer to that (r6417)Samuel Thibault
11:11:02 Source Code scm commit: * New upstream version: - New DST for Mongolia. - New DST for Palestine. (r6416)Aurelien Jarno
18:35:41 Source Code scm commit: Tag 2015b-1 (r6415)Adam Conrad
18:34:50 Source Code scm commit: New upstream release with urgent updates for Mongolia and Palestine. (r6414)Adam Conrad
03:57:21 Source Code scm commit: fix patch (r6413)Samuel Thibault
03:55:06 Source Code scm commit: * patches/hurd-i386/cvs-warnings.diff: New patch, fixes warnings. * patches/hurd-i386/cvs-libpthread-warnings.diff: New patch, fixes warnings. (r6412)Samuel Thibault
00:40:14 Source Code scm commit: Refresh cvs-libpthread.diff to fold new patches in (r6411)Samuel Thibault
00:28:34 Source Code scm commit: * patches/hurd-i386/cvs-libc-modules.h.diff: New patch, adds missing dependency on libc-modules.h. (r6410)Samuel Thibault
00:06:00 Source Code scm commit: refresh (r6409)Samuel Thibault
00:05:36 Source Code scm commit: refresh (r6408)Samuel Thibault
18:12:06 Source Code scm commit: * patches/hurd-i386/cvs-libpthread.diff: Update from upstream. * patches/hurd-i386/unsubmitted-libpthread-semaphore.h.diff: New patch, fixes semaphore header inclusion. * patches/hurd-i386/unsubmitted-timer_routines.diff: New patch, fixes timer_routines build. (r6407)Samuel Thibault
16:00:33 Source Code scm commit: * patches/hurd-i386/cvs-libpthread.diff: Update from upstream. * patches/hurd-i386/cvs-libpthread-dlopen.diff: Merged. * patches/hurd-i386/cvs-libpthread-libc-lockP2.diff: Merged. * patches/hurd-i386/cvs-libpthread-makefile.diff: Merged. (r6406)Samuel Thibault
14:54:04 Source Code scm commit: patches/hurd-i386/cvs-unwind-resume.diff: New patch, fixes unwind-resume build. (r6405)Samuel Thibault
14:09:01 Source Code scm commit: * libc0.3.symbols.hurd-i386: Update to new version engine. * patches/hurd-i386/{libpthread_version, local-hurdsig-global-dispositions-version,submitted-exec_filename}.diff: Update to new version engine. (r6404)Samuel Thibault
14:08:42 Source Code scm commit: fix patch (r6403)Samuel Thibault
13:25:02 Source Code scm commit: patches/hurd-i386/tg-no-hp-timing.diff: Update. (r6402)Samuel Thibault
13:16:39 Source Code scm commit: propage BSD->MISC update to moved file (r6401)Samuel Thibault
13:06:58 Source Code scm commit: * patches/hurd-i386/libpthread-versions.diff: New patch, updates to new version engine. * patches/hurd-i386/cvs-libpthread-makefile.diff: New patch, updates to new makefiles. * patches/hurd-i386/cvs-revert-gnu-gnu-cleanup.diff: New patch, reverts cleanup of the gnu-gnu hack. * patches/hurd-i386/libpthread_pthread_types.diff: New patch, fixes inclusion of pthread_types.h * patches/hurd-i386/unsubmitted-libc_alloca_cutoff.diff: New patch, implements alloca cutoff limit. * sysdeps/ Disable -Werror since MIG currently generates warnings. (r6400)Samuel Thibault
12:35:03 Source Code scm commit: Refresh and rebase all hurd patches (r6399)Samuel Thibault
03:47:11 Source Code scm commit: Actually apply any/local-xfail-stdlib-linkns.diff (r6398)Adam Conrad
02:12:02 Source Code scm commit: Releasing 2.21-0experimental0 (r6397)Adam Conrad
00:07:07 Source Code scm commit: More testsuite output prettiness (r6396)Adam Conrad
22:35:40 Source Code scm commit: debian/patches/any/local-xfail-stdlib-linkns.diff: XFAIL this test due to building with pt_chown, which we should revisit very, very soon. (r6395)Adam Conrad
22:15:39 Source Code scm commit: debian/rules.d/ Fix bootstrap libdirs (Closes: #715059) (r6394)Adam Conrad
21:15:35 Source Code scm commit: Add lock-elision bug ref (r6393)Adam Conrad
20:46:16 Source Code scm commit: debian/testsuite-checking/*: Let arm64 fail the tests indicated by the upstream port maintainer as broken, and let i386 fail tst-cleanupx4. (r6392)Adam Conrad
20:45:53 Source Code scm commit: Fix display error in (r6391)Adam Conrad
20:28:42 Source Code scm commit: Clean up testsuite output a bit (r6390)Adam Conrad
18:26:41 Source Code scm commit: debian/{rules.d/,testsuite-checking/*}: Adjust for upstream's new testsuite, and convert old expected-results-* to match new output. (r6389)Adam Conrad
12:14:13 Source Code scm commit: * debian/patches/any/local-libgcc-compat-abilists.diff: Fix the ablists to match the symbols added in local-libgcc-compat* for the testsuite. * debian/patches/sh4/local-fpscr_values.diff: Make the sh abilist match. (r6388)Adam Conrad
11:13:49 Source Code scm commit: debian/sysdeps/*: --enable-lock-elision on powerpc, ppc64, and ppc64el. (r6387)Adam Conrad
11:08:54 Source Code scm commit: * debian/{,rules}: Switch to gcc-4.9 on all architectures. * debian/patches/any/local-tester-gcc-4.9.diff: Fix gcc-4.9 regression. (r6386)Adam Conrad
13:58:39 Source Code scm commit: * Drop some hppa patches that Carlos O'Donell claims are no longer needed: - debian/patches/hppa/local-EAGAIN.diff: Dropped. - debian/patches/hppa/local-fanotify_mark-5i.diff: Dropped. - debian/patches/hppa/submitted-fadvise64_64.diff: Dropped. - debian/patches/hppa/submitted-nptl-carlos.diff: Dropped. (r6385)Adam Conrad
22:48:41 Source Code scm commit: * debian/patches/i386/submitted-i686-timing.diff: Fix -Wundef warnings. * debian/patches/arm/unsubmitted-ldso-abi-check.diff: Fix build failures from format mismatches, uninitialised variables, and const conversions. * debian/patches/arm/unsubmitted-ldconfig-cache-abi.diff: Same as above. (r6384)Adam Conrad
17:17:29 Source Code scm commit: debian/ Install changelogs that exist. (r6383)Adam Conrad
16:03:45 Source Code scm commit: * New upstream release: version 2.21, with git updates up to 2015-02-10: - debian/patches/git-updates.diff: Updated. - debian/patches/all/submitted-po-fr-fixes.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/alpha/cvs-__pointer_chk_guard.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/alpha/cvs-unwind-backtrace.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/alpha/local-gcc4.1.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/alpha/local-lowlevellock.diff: Dropped. - debian/patches/alpha/local-string-functions.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/alpha/submitted-PTR_MANGLE.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/alpha/submitted-dl-support.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/alpha/submitted-lll_futex_timed_wait_bitset.diff: Dropped. - debian/patches/alpha/submitted-rtld-fPIC.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/amd64/cvs-slow-sse42.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/amd64/local-blacklist-on-TSX-Haswell.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/amd64/submitted-rwlock-stack-imbalance.diff: Dropped. - debian/patches/any/cvs-check_pf-infinite-loop.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/any/cvs-getnetbyname.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/any/cvs-regex-alloca.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/any/cvs-resolv-first-query-failure.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/any/cvs-socketcall-syscall.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/any/cvs-strtod.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/any/cvs-vfprintf.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/any/cvs-wordexp.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/any/cvs-wprintf.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/any/cvs-wscanf.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/any/local-disable-libnss-db.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/any/local-disable-test-tgmath2.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/any/local-libgcc-compat-ports.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/any/local-libpic.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/any/local-no-SOCK_NONBLOCK.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/any/local-no-pagesize.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/any/local-rtlddir-cross.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/any/local-stdio-lock.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/any/local-sysctl.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/any/submitted-argp-attribute.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/any/submitted-bits-fcntl_h-at.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/any/submitted-longdouble.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/any/submitted-nl_langinfo-static.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/any/submitted-ptsname_r-uninitialized-memory.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/any/submitted-resolv-ipv6-nameservers.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/any/submitted-sysdeps-auxv.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/any/unsubmitted-scanf-includes.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/any/unsubmitted-tst-ftell-locale.diff: Dropped. - debian/patches/any/unsubmitted-tst-tlsmod-as-needed.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/arm/local-ioperm.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/arm/local-lowlevellock.diff: Dropped. - debian/patches/arm/local-sigaction.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/arm/local-vfp-sysdeps.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/arm/unsubmitted-ldconfig-cache-abi.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/arm64/cvs-includes-cleanup.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/arm64/submitted-align.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/arm64/submitted-setcontext.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/arm64/submitted-tst-setcontext.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/hppa/cvs-sigrtmin.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/hppa/local-EAGAIN.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/hppa/local-atomic.diff: Dropped. - debian/patches/hppa/local-elf-make-cflags.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/hppa/local-fanotify_mark-5i.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/hppa/local-fcntl-osync.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/hppa/local-fpu.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/hppa/local-inlining.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/hppa/local-lowlevellock.diff: Dropped. - debian/patches/hppa/local-pthread_spin_unlock.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/hppa/local-setjmp-namespace.diff: Dropped. - debian/patches/hppa/local-shmlba.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/hppa/local-stack-grows-up.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/hppa/submitted-nptl-carlos.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/hurd-i386/tg-libpthread_depends.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/i386/submitted-i686-timing.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/kfreebsd/local-fbtl-depends.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/kfreebsd/local-fbtl.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/kfreebsd/local-scripts.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/kfreebsd/local-sysdeps.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/kfreebsd/submitted-waitid.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/locale/locale-print-LANGUAGE.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/locale/submitted-XDR-revert.diff: Merged. - debian/patches/localedata/sort-UTF8-first.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/localedata/supported.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/m68k/local-fpic.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/m68k/local-mathinline_h.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/m68k/local-reloc.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/mips/local-lowlevellock.diff: Dropped. - debian/patches/mips/local-r10k.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/mips/submitted-rld_map.diff: Rebased. - debian/patches/powerpc/cvs-ibm-branch.diff: Dropped. - debian/patches/sparc/local-fork.diff: Dropped. - debian/patches/sparc/local-sparcv9-target.diff: Rebased. * debian/*: Update occurences of 2.19 to 2.21 and update symbols to match. * debian/patches/any/cvs-vismain-pie.diff: Compile vismain with -fPIE and link with -pie to fix testsuite failure with the new binutils. * debian/libc*.symbols*: Remove local __invoke_dynamic_linker__ symbol, which no longer shows up in random support libraries' symbol tables. * debian/sysdeps/*: Neither ports nor nptl are considered add-ons anymore. * Other than two hurd-i386 patches required as scaffolding for others, all the hurd-i386 patches are disabled, so this build *will* fail there. * kfreebsd's sysdeps patches almost certainly need updating for 2.21 too. * Failing on testsuite failures is disabled to attempt to get full builds. (r6382)Adam Conrad
15:58:48 Source Code scm commit: Copy trunk to glibc-2.21 branch (r6381)Adam Conrad
09:48:54 Source Code scm commit: New changelog entry (r6380)Aurelien Jarno
09:48:39 Source Code scm commit: tagging package glibc version 2.19-17 (r6379)Aurelien Jarno
09:48:35 Source Code scm commit: releasing package glibc version 2.19-17 (r6378)Aurelien Jarno
09:15:38 Source Code scm commit: Add bug number (r6377)Aurelien Jarno
20:14:08 Source Code scm commit: debian/rules.d/ Unconditionally create tmp.substvars. (r6376)Adam Conrad
22:11:47 Source Code scm commit: New changelog entry (r6375)Aurelien Jarno
22:11:34 Source Code scm commit: tagging package glibc version 2.19-16 (r6374)Aurelien Jarno
22:11:28 Source Code scm commit: releasing package glibc version 2.19-16 (r6373)Aurelien Jarno
19:09:12 Source Code scm commit: patches/any/cvs-ldconfig-aux-cache.diff: new patch from upstream to ignore corrupted aux-cache instead of segfaulting. Closes: #759530. (r6372)Aurelien Jarno
21:29:32 Source Code scm commit: We have a transition mechanism for the locales, as the Debian archive used to expose arch:all packages on all architectures even when the corresponding arch:any package is not available yet. This has been fixed long time ago, the transition mechanism has not been used correctly for a lot of time and has been broken by the split out of libc-bin. The breakage has been partially fixed by the "Breaks: locales (<< 2.19)" added to libc6. It's now time to add the missing "Depends: libc-bin (>> 2.19)" to locales and remove the transition mechanism. Closes: #583088, #779442 (r6371)Aurelien Jarno
16:58:05 Source Code scm commit: hurd: Fix static link of programs using pthread (r6370)Samuel Thibault
11:01:33 Source Code scm commit: hurd: hide pthread-specific libc bits in libpthread/ (r6369)Samuel Thibault
00:09:49 Source Code scm commit: * patches/hurd-i386/cvs-libpthread-dlopen.diff: Add fixes for lockfile. * patches/hurd-i386/cvs-libpthread-functions.diff: New patch to dynamically call pthread functions from libc. (r6368)Samuel Thibault
23:37:34 Source Code scm commit: * patches/hurd-i386/cvs-libpthread-dlopen.diff: New patch to allow to be dynamically loaded from a dlopened library. (r6367)Samuel Thibault
12:05:26 Source Code scm commit: Upload to wheezy-security (r6366)Aurelien Jarno
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