Forum: Debian: Secure by Default is up!

Posted by: John Richard Moser
Date: 2004-09-14 21:15
Summary:Debian: Secure by Default is up!
Project:Debian: Secure by Default

Debian: Secure by Default is a web-based project to justify and demonstrate transparent security features which can be incorporated into Debian GNU/Linux to create a more suitable environment for general use in the home and on desktop systems in businesses. It does not aim to bring Debian up as an enterprise-grade security enhanced distribution such as Adamantix; but rather to better protect a system against software bugs which allow worms and unwanted intruders to enter the system.

With its debut, D-SbD brings along a full website at and a survey on the D-SbD project page. All users are encouraged to take the survey; but please read the site first. :)

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Debian: Secure by Default is up!

John Richard Moser - 2004-09-14 21:15 -
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