Forum: po4a version 0.22 released

Posted by: Nicolas FRANÇOIS
Date: 2005-11-02 22:34
Summary:po4a version 0.22 released

Nothing was released since a long time, but a lot
of work was done since the last release.

This release comes with a ton of bugfixes and
other improvements. The most significant new
features are:
* po4a support for options in the po4a
configuration files.
* TeX/LaTeX the command and environment arguments
parsing was reworked, and permits to
specify the behavior of most LaTeX
* Man support for the .de, .ie or .if
* Sgml Add support for translating attribute

Some of the po4a dependencies are now optional.
This should help using po4a on systems where these
dependencies are not available.

These dependencies are only used for a better
display of the messages (po4a warnings and
* liblocale-gettext-perl
translated po4a messages (warnings and errors).
* libtext-wrapi18n-perl
wrap the messages on the terminal.
* libterm-readkey-perl
retrieve the terminal size. (otherwise COLUMNS
is used)

A new script is also distributed with po4a:
It will help you when you want to eradicate a typo
in a msgstr without needlessly fuzzying the

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