Forum: yaird 0.0.12 released

Posted by: Erik van Konijnenburg
Date: 2006-01-03 09:17
Summary:yaird 0.0.12 released

* Support EVMS
* Support new hardware: DAC960, Apple MESH, Compaq SmartArray,
IBM zSeries.
* Configuration files are now in /usr/local/etc/yaird
or /etc/yaird, no longer in /usr/local/lib/yaird/conf.
* Avoid ide-generic if at all possible, because it's slower than
other IDE drivers.
* The initrd example template is no longer installed.
While it is nice that supporting initrd is possible
in principle, there are no benefits in practice over
using initramfs, and keeping it in working order is a pain.
* Module 'fbcon' is now loaded by default; this should allow
using a framebuffer console.
* Adapt for mdadm > 1.9.0 output format.
* Adapt for input driver from 2.6.15 kernel.
* New 'OPTIONAL MODULE' keyword for configuration file.
* Bugfixes:
- blacklist was sometimes ignored.
- missing line number from template file in some error messages.
- some variants of fstab format were not recognised:
LABEL=/, fstype 'auto', fstype 'ext3,vfat', missing fields

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yaird 0.0.12 released

Erik van Konijnenburg - 2006-01-03 09:17 -
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