Forum: schroot 0.2.6 and 0.2.7 released

Posted by: Roger Leigh
Date: 2006-03-08 14:45
Summary:schroot 0.2.6 and 0.2.7 released
Project:The Buildd Project

* For all chroot types, a "command-prefix" option has been added. This is a command to prefix to all commands run inside the chroot.

* The scripts run before and after executing a command or shell in the chroot have been moved from /etc/schroot/run.d to /etc/schroot/exec.d. The corresponding configuration option in schroot.conf has been renamed from run-session-scripts" to "run-exec-scripts". This change was to reduce ambiguity in the naming, to make it easier to understand and configure.

* The session operations "--recover-session", "--run-session", and "--end-session" now allow multiple chroots to be specified with "--chroot", rather than just one.

* The "file" and "lvm-snapshot" chroot types both implement "source chroots", to provide access to the source block device and archive file, respectively. The "source-groups" and "source-root-groups" options have been added to set the "groups" and "root-groups" options for the source chroot.

* The "file" chroot, when accessed as a source chroot using the "-source" suffix, will now automatically repack itself into a new archive file on ending a session.

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