Forum: schroot 0.2.11 released

Posted by: Roger Leigh
Date: 2006-06-10 09:18
Summary:schroot 0.2.11 released
Project:The Buildd Project

* The 10mount script, used to unmount filesystem in a chroot, will exit with an error if unmounting fails (for safety). It also uses /proc/mounts (via a new program, schroot-listmounts) to ensure all filesystems in the chroot are unmounted.

* The 05file script, used to unpack and repack chroot archives, will use schroot-listmounts to check if any filesystems are mounted before purging the chroot. This is in order to avoid dataloss.

* Setup scripts can now abort on failure during cleanup (exec-stop and setup-stop phases). Previously the scripts continued in the face of failure, and broken sessions were removed. Broken sessions which failed to clean up must now be removed by the system administrator (which was required previously; it just wasn't apparent), or the session can be ended again once the problem has been rectified.

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