Forum: schroot 0.99.0 released

Posted by: Roger Leigh
Date: 2006-06-25 19:07
Summary:schroot 0.99.0 released
Project:The Buildd Project

* In order to support running 32-bit chroots on 64-bit systems, a "personality" option has been added. This may be set to "linux32" to run a 32-bit Linux chroot on an amd64 system, for example.

* dchroot has an additional personality field in dchroot.conf. This may also be set to linux32 to achieve the same effect as the personality setting in schroot.conf.

* The root user can access all chroots, even when the root group is omitted from the groups or root_groups lists. Authentication is still required, but by default is skipped due to using in the PAM configuration.

* Session recovery is only performed at system startup, not on upgrades. This prevents upgrades interfering with active sessions.

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