Forum: apt-offline 0.9.4 released

Posted by: Ritesh Sarraf
Date: 2009-10-13 13:12
Summary:apt-offline 0.9.4 released
Project:Offline APT Package Manager

I'm pleased to announce apt-offline version 0.9.4.

Release Highlights
* Finished up most packaging work for Debian
* Fixed a bug in offline bug report handling when using a folder as the install argument

apt-offline is an Offline APT Package Manager for APT based systems, i.e. mostly
Debian and Debian derived distributions.
apt-offline can fully update/upgrade your disconnected Debian box without the
need of connecting it to the network.

* It works by generating a signature of the disconnected box.
* You carry the signature to a net connected box running anything
* apt-offline downloads all data as per the signature. This includes apt
database, packages, bug reports. The data can be bundled to a single file to
carry it easily on a USB stick
* The bundle file is all that is needed on the disconnected Debian box. Apt on
this box will feel like everything was downloaded the traditional (apt-get
update/upgrade) way.

PS: apt-offline is currently in the NEW queue and will soon be part of Debian

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