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Posted by: David Bruce
Date: 2010-01-24 21:57
Summary:Git repositories for Tux4Kids

Tux4kids has now officially switched from Subversion to Git. The old monolithic "tux4kids" svn repository has been replaced by five git repositories, one for each subproject:


The repositories may be accessed in several ways (change "tuxmath" to name of desired subproject as needed):

1. Full "read/write" cloning for members of the Tux4Kids project on Alioth:

git clone git+ssh://

(obviously replacing YOUR_ALIOTH_USERID with your actual login).

2. Anonymous read-only cloning:

git clone git://


git clone

3. Browse with web interface:

Note that the autogenerated documentation under the SCM tab at http:/ assumes a single global "tux4kids" repository, and thusdoes not work as described there. Hopefully this will be corrected in the near future.

There are two remaining known issues with the migration to git. First, there are a couple of areas from the old repository that are not included in the five new git repositories, namely "tuxmath/people", "branches/commonification/tuxmath", and "branches/commonification/tuxtype". These are still readable in svn, but new commits are discouraged. Second, the new tux4kids-web.git repository is not yet connected to the public-facing website (

David Bruce

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