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Posted by: Christoph Biedl
Date: 2010-04-28 17:44
Summary:PRIVMSG #ngircd :Hello, world
Project:Debian IRC Team

Thanks for granting membership to pkg-irc. After ngircd 15-0.1 was an NMU, I will now officially maintain the ngircd package in Debian. The VCS has been updated a few moments ago so the URL in debian/control is accurate again.

About myself: In my spare time, I am (among many other things) administrator of a public IRC server running ngIRCd, and also a few private ones. That's why I had interest in ngircd being actively maintained. Furthermore I am in permanent contact with upstream, therefore I am confident ngircd will be in good shape in the future.

Upcoming things: In the next days, upstream will release ngIRCd version 16, there is already an updated Debianisation prepared that meets the most recent Standards-Version and is fully lintian-clean.

Regarding backports: Both 15-0.1 and upcoming 16-1 do build in lenny, at least 15-0.1 even in etch. If you want to upload to, feel free to do so.


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