Forum: New release: 0.5.0

Posted by: Marcin Owsiany
Date: 2010-05-02 13:18
Summary:New release: 0.5.0
Project:ejabberd LDAP shared roster module

Most important changes:

* the ldap_groupdesc parameter now defaults to whatever ldap_groupattr is set to, rather than to cn. You will need to set it manually if you relied on the previous default.
* from this release on, both the user and group “display names” as well as group membership information is each retrieved with a single query and cached in memory as a dictionary which improves lookup performance when there is a large number of users. The list of group names is still queried on every roster retrieval.
* note that a change in this release makes the module incompatible with ejabberd versions below 2.0 (in case it was compatible before).
* fixed a bug where retrieving a group “display name” would only work for “Flat DIT” setups for groups with exactly one member.
* introduced a new option ldap_group_cache_validity which defaults to 5 minutes and lets you specify the time for which group membership and group display name information is cached.
* added upgrade instructions to documentation

See the Changes on the released files page for more information.

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