Forum: smcroute development moved over to

Posted by: Micha Lenk
Date: 2011-11-24 22:19
Summary:smcroute development moved over to
Project:static multicast router daemon

Thanks to the effort of Joachim Nillson the smcroute team got a few new releases recently. This is why we decided to promote him as a new project member and the current lead developer of the smcroute project. To make forreign contributions as easy as possible we also decided to move all future development to So, for more recent news look at the new project home on project has not yet categorized itself in the Trove Software Map

Latest News

smcroute development moved over to

Micha Lenk - 2011-11-24 22:19 -

smcroute 1.98.3 released

Micha Lenk - 2011-11-24 22:06 -

smcroute 0.95 released

Micha Lenk - 2011-08-12 07:14 -

smcroute 0.94.1 released

Micha Lenk - 2010-01-13 18:38 -

smcroute 0.94 released

Micha Lenk - 2009-11-02 08:46 -
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