Forum: DBD-Firebird 1.11 released with utf-8 bugfixes

Posted by: Marius Adrian Popa
Date: 2012-09-26 07:39
Summary:DBD-Firebird 1.11 released with utf-8 bugfixes
Project:Perl DBI driver for Firebird

Here is the download link with the list of changes

* Test::Exception is required add to notes
* On freebsd Threaded perl is required you have to re-install perl from ports and you have to select the config option that says 'build a perl with threads'
* Test database to use UTF8 charset and enable UTF8 for the connection
* Fix CHAR lenght when using multi-byte character set Fixes #32 (RT#76506)
* additional debug when finishing already finished statement
* avoid double destroying of statement in auto-commit mode with DDL Fixes #30 (RT#72946)

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