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Translate that Russian text from sometimes-people-just-make-up-stuffAskar Safin22 hours ago
[OpenJDK9] Minor issue in java rules in my.linux.MakefileBruno Rosa11 week ago
Mandelbrot portability issue with gcc/g++Lydia Duncan82 weeks ago
fasta bugNoah L13 weeks ago
Fasta g++ build errors with gcc 6.2, fyiLydia Duncan02016-10-19 20:33
C++ binary trees implementation doesn't use -fopenmp correctly.Kyriakos-Ioannis Kyriakou22016-10-17 19:26
binary-trees C# and Java programs appear to contain performance enhancing bugEamon Nerbonne132016-10-09 17:50
consider memory safety?Noah L02016-10-07 21:52
ruby k-nucleotide entries skip workJason Palmer32016-09-23 15:12
Out-of-Bounds Read in fasta-redux C benchmarkManuel Rigger32016-09-23 09:28
-Xmx option for binary-trees Java programs?Tagir Valeev62016-08-16 13:28
previously-contributed D programsIsaac Gouy02016-08-10 20:57
Unfair comparisonDmitry Okunev92016-06-03 15:57
mono --llvm versus mono (C# Mono 4.5.1)Isaac Gouy02016-06-03 04:40
How are single threaded vs. multi-threaded programs measured?Attila Balazs (Grey Panther)132016-06-02 09:43
RE: [#315371] Java regexdna Stefan Feldbinder 2016-05-18Stefan Feldbinder52016-05-23 16:01
Reverse complement C code fixAttila Balazs (Grey Panther)12016-05-19 18:06
k-nucleotide changesIsaac Gouy02016-05-18 02:20
Getting sourcesSimon Holywell32016-05-13 18:34
Does timings include compilation time?Jens Axel S√łgaard52016-05-01 21:48
Node.js replacement for V8Isaac Gouy02016-04-27 22:37
v8 and binary output in mandelbrotDominic Mazzoni32016-04-27 20:18
deficient third party visualizationJack Andrews182016-03-20 17:12
Interest in a Chapel entry?Brad Chamberlain52016-03-04 16:05
"What was wrong with the old [website design] ?" asked JoseIsaac Gouy72016-02-12 18:30
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