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[Request] Switching Lua implementation from 5.2 to LuaJIT 2.0Wolfgang Pupp52013-08-08 17:05
MOVED to Gouy02012-12-31 16:38
Please upgrade to Haskell Platform 2012.4.0.0Johan Tibell22012-12-03 22:28
Should we remove non-native implementations ?Ludovic Urbain42012-11-22 21:45
Fundamental flaw in Shootout: start-up time vs exec timeCarl Eklof42012-11-16 17:02
F# thread-ring doesn't implement correct solution?Scott West12012-11-15 17:56
spectral norm c++ (sse version) faster without optimisations?Branimir Maksimovic32012-10-31 18:01
why is ruby1.9.3 faster than php5.4.6 on my mac? azu bit32012-09-17 20:56
Are these tests configured to trigger the JVM JIT?jl junk12012-08-29 15:08
highlightJonathan MERCIER12012-06-14 20:11
Potentially non-optimal JavaScript pidigits programDaniel Teichman12012-06-09 15:10
Knucleotide n 25000000 input fileMark Hammons12012-04-15 15:38
Please Consider Add LuaJIT 2Francisco Leite12012-04-10 16:13
"null" programs measurement?Iustin Pop22012-02-19 03:19
Multicore ShootoutYipeng Huang22012-02-14 11:03
N-body Fortran version assemblybearophile32011-11-28 01:55
fannkuch-redux C++ g++ id=2 build is broken on u64qMiroslav Rubanets12011-11-17 18:39
Bencher makefiles fileBrandon Hill22011-10-20 14:59
Bencher my.linux.ini fileBrandon Hill02011-10-19 18:12
Free Pascal -Si switch for inline is missingJosé Luís Cruz12011-09-28 17:23
Let us know when you are willing to accept programs that run only on Clojure 1.3John Fingerhut22011-09-25 17:47
Thread ring benchmarkMarcin Zalewski62011-09-18 21:34
my 2 submissions fannkuch/G++ show slowdown in 2011 - looks like bug in testingMiroslav Rubanets152011-08-20 06:54
fasta - back to programs less optimized by the programmerIsaac Gouy362011-07-24 12:46
broken links on "compare 2" pages?Georg Bauhaus 22011-06-01 22:53
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