File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 24.2

Release Notes

Version 24.2  (minor and bugfix update of 24.1)

 o Remove compile date and time in binary.
 o Add 'password' element into example config file.
 o Upgrade of liloconfig script and manpage.

Change Log

Changes for version 24.2 (22-November-2015) - Joachim Wiedorn

    - Remove compile date and time in binary to support reproducible
        builds (thanks to Dmitry Bogatov).
    - Remove obsolete hints to /boot/boot.b and other files in README.
    - Use system derived types to make code safe for both the 32-bit and
        the 64-bit compilation environment. (thanks to TAMUKI Shoichi)

    - Update sample config file lilo.example.conf and config element
    - Upgrade of script liloconfig:
        * three steps of tests with three-state exit code
          to give the admin more information about failure.
    - Update manpage pod files and its manpages.
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