File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.8.3

Release Notes

pcsc-lite 1.8.3

Change Log

pcsc-lite-1.8.3: Ludovic Rousseau
30 March 2012
- ignore directories and hidden (.*) files when parsing a configuration
  directory (like /etc/reader.conf.d/)
- add Mac OS X for PC/SC spy tool
- fix a bug in PC/SC spy tool when loading of the real library fails
- add PCSCv2_PART10_PROPERTY_dwMaxAPDUDataSize,
  PCSCv2_PART10_PROPERTY_wIdVendor and PCSCv2_PART10_PROPERTY_wIdProduct
  from PC/SC v2 part 10 release 2.02.09 (not yet published)
- Some other minor improvements and bug corrections
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