File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.52

Release Notes

 * po4a-translate complains if the input po file is outdated
   Thanks to Martin Schauer for the bug report (Debian's #637288).
 * teach po4a-updatepo about the --porefs options that was already documented.
   Thanks to Guillem Jover for the bug report.
 * rename --porefs values after msgmerge option's name: noline->file
   and none->never. Both variantes are accepted; the later is documented.
   Thanks to Guillem Jover for the initial patch (Debian's #775708).

 * New option --no-update to not touch the po files. (Debian's #599179)

 * Properly deal with item text missing its leading indent (GitHub's #14)
 * Allow empty attribute lists, by bexelbie (GitHub's #39)

 * Add an option to treat Key/Value pairs as verbatim (GitHub's #8, #25)

 * New module by Francesco Poli (Debian's #827936)
 * Make title translatable, by yangfl (GitHub's #40).

 * Various fixups by Alexander Golubev.

 * Setup WebLate to ease the life of translators.
 * Update Brazilian Portuguese, thanks to Luiz Fernando Ranghetti.
 * Update Czech, thanks to Michal Čihař.
 * Update Dutch, thanks to Frans Spiesschaert (Debian's #862923)
 * Update German, thanks to Helge Kreutzmann (Debian's #859029)
 * Update Italian, thanks to Marco Ciampa.
 * Update French, thanks to Alban Vidal (Debian's #860073) and to 
   Jean-Baptiste on Weblate.
 * New translation: Norwegian Bokmål, thanks to Petter Reinholdtsen.
 * Update Russian, thanks to Alexander Golubev (GitHub's #24) and to
   Igor on Weblate.
 * Update Ukrainian, thanks to Yuri Chornoivan.
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