File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.13

Release Notes

 End-user-visible changes

 * Added a node style to display the number of ingredient nodes and of
   internal edges in a group (GroupStats), activated by default.

 * Updated documentation.

 Bugs fixed:

 * Ship all files (the 0.12 tarball missed all transforms and styles !)

 * The path-handling functions in the default project class were
   confused by leading "./" in paths and failed to idendify some

 * The root graph can now be included in arguments to
   Transform::Consolidate, and "--consolidate 0-<N>" is now valid.

 * The tulip renderer had been broken by an API change in 0.12.

 * Workaround for a strange behaviour or ActivePerl 5.8.7 on Windows,
   which caused dependencies in subdirs not to be found.

 * Ingredientable::ingredients() method now always returns a list,
   even in scalar context when there is only one ingredient.

 Changes for the plugin writer:

 * New node style attributes "label" and "extralabel" for the dot

 * Added support for edge styling, and support for "label" attribute
   in the dot renderer.  New WeightLabel edge styler to replace old
   ad-hoc code.

 * Class moves and renames: transforms, styles.
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