File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.0.0

Release Notes

This is a new major release that breaks API compatibility with the 0.4 series.

Change Log

 * 2.0.0 (Mon, Dec 19 2011)
   This release aggregates all the changes occurred between official releases in 0.4 series and various snapshot releases (in 0.5 and 0.6 series). To get better overview of high level changes see release notes for 0.5 and 0.6 as well as summaries of release candidates b
      + Fixes (23 BF commits)
           o significance level in the right tail was fixed to include the value tested – otherwise resulted in optimistic bias (or absurdly high significance in improbable case if all estimates having the same value)
           o compatible with the upcoming IPython 0.12 and renamed sklearn (Fixes #57)
           o do not double-train slave classifiers while assessing sensitivities (Fixes #53)
      + Enhancements (30 ENH + 3 NF commits)
           o resolving voting ties in kNN based on mean distance, and randomly in SMLR
           o kNN‘s ca.estimates now contains dictionaries with votes for each class
           o consistent zscoring in Hyperalignment
 * 2.0.0~rc5 (Wed, Oct 19 2011)
      + Major: to allow easy co-existence of stable PyMVPA 0.4.x, 0.6 development mvpa module was renamed into mod:mvpa2.
      + Fixes
           o compatible with the new Shogun 1.x series
           o compatible with the new h5py 2.x series
           o mvpa-prep-fmri – various compatibility fixes and smoke testing
           o deepcopying SummaryStatistics during __add__
      + Enhancements
           o tutorial uses mvpa2.tutorial_suite now
           o better suppression of R warnings when needed
           o internal attributes of many classes were exposed as properties
           o more unification of __repr__ for many classes
 * 0.6.0~rc4 (Wed, Jun 14 2011)
      + Fixes
           o Finished transition to nibabel conventions in plot_lightbox
           o Addressed matplotlib.hist API change
           o Various adjustments in the tests batteries (nibabel 1.1.0 compatibility, etc)
      + New functionality
           o Explicit new argument flatten to from_wizard – default behavior changed if mapper was provided as well
      + Enhancements
           o Elaborated __str__ and __repr__ for some Classifiers and Measures
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