File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.9.99-alpha

Release Notes

This release introduces quite a lot of new features and more flexibility. Now the administrator can trade security for features using the /etc/pmount.conf configuration file.

THIS RELEASE IS EXPERIMENTAL, do not use in security-sensitive environments !

Change Log

- EXPERIMENTAL RELEASE, use at your own risks !
- introducing a new /etc/pmount.conf file in which potentially
  security-weak operations can be allowed:
  * running fsck
  * mounting while not physically logged (that was the default)
  * loopback device mounting
- pulling in new Russian translation from Rosetta
- now checking if root can open the device before attempting any
  mount, to avoid very long hangs on "no medium found" and the like.
- whitelisting the "firewire" bus as a hotplug bus.

  As noticed above, this is an experimental release. Please use with
  care: even if the parsing of configuration files should be safe, it
  has not been extensively tried.
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