File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.1.3

Release Notes

Bug fix release to clarify documentation of multi-window usage and update translations.

Change Log

2007-08-09  Neil Williams <>

        * : Remove ALL_LINGUAS in preference for
        po/LINGUAS so that new language translations can be added
        without editing
        * po/LINGUAS : new file.

2007-07-30  Neil Williams <>

        * Bump to version 0.1.3
        * deb-gview.1.xml: Clarify documentation of 
                multi-window usage (Closes: #435071)
        * debian/control: Suggest eog instead of out-of-date qiv 
        * src/callbacks.h
        src/callbacks.c: (on_close_activate): Add close option to menu.
        * src/dvpreview.c: (create_groups): Suggest eog instead of out-of-date qiv 
        * src/interface.c: (create_aboutdialog) : Use the license declaration
        instead of the entire GPL licence.
        * src/interface.c: (create_deb_gview_window): Add tooltips for each
        toolbar button. Awaiting new translations before release.

2007-05-30  Neil Williams <>

        * deb-gview.gladep, : Removed. With the move to glade3, the glade2 
        xml is no longer necessary - using the generated C from glade2 for
        future development.

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