File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: tuxtype-source-1.5.12

Release Notes

Source tarball for tuxtype-1.5.12 -
unpack with tar xzf and build and install with "./configure; make; make install"

Requires "-dev" files for SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_TTF, and SDLPango to build.

Does not require Autotools.

Change Log

v 1.5.12
26 Aug 2007
[ David Bruce ]
       - got rid of - autoreconf is recommended way to
         do the same thing.
       - replaced acinclude.m4 with newer version to get rid of 
         "underquoted AM_PATH_SDL" message.
       - fixed bug causing crash on exit from cascade game do to 
         double free of ptr.
       - fixed bug with Espanol display of menus.
       - added "static" keyword to file-scope variables.
       - moved more of global variables to file or local scope.
       - added hard-coded hack-work to LoadFont() to support
         Rachana and Doulos as well as Andika in Debian.
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