File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxType 1.5.15 - Source Tarball

Release Notes

Source tarball for "./configure; make; make install".
Needs -dev files for SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and SDL_ttf.

Fixed at least three major bugs from 1.5.14 that caused crashes when using Malayalam theme and prevented playing game in German.

The game now rejects individual words that have characters that are not in the keyboard.lst for the current language, rather than throwing out the entire list and returning.

We still need accurate keyboard.lst files for some of the themes - missing characters will interfere with the game activities.

Change Log

v 1.5.15 - svn revision 255
15 Sep 2007
[ David Bruce <> ]
       - alphabet.c - fixed crash occurring in BlackOutline_SDLPango() when 
         passed empty string (see Debian Bug #439071)
       - alphabet.c - added code to check words in list to see if they have
         chars not in keyboard.lst, and just leave out these words rather
         than aborting the game.
       - Corrected for Malayalam theme so that settings.txt
         gets installed (needed for font selection to work).
       - Added numerals and punctuation to German keyboard.lst (likely
         needs to be done for many other themes).

[ Holger Levsen ]
	- added updated Spanish translation by Amaya Rodrigo 
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