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Release Name: TuxType 1.5.15 - Windows

Release Notes

Executable Windows installer for Tux Typing 1.5.15

Contains many additional bug fixes, better support of new Malayalam theme (while menu text may not be rendered quite correctly, the games themselves should work), as well as additional work on the "Practice" and "Lessons" modes, which are still somewhat experimental.

Change Log

v 1.5.15 - svn revision 255
15 Sep 2007
[ David Bruce <> ]
       - alphabet.c - fixed crash occurring in BlackOutline_SDLPango() when 
         passed empty string (see Debian Bug #439071)
       - alphabet.c - added code to check words in list to see if they have
         chars not in keyboard.lst, and just leave out these words rather
         than aborting the game.
       - Corrected for Malayalam theme so that settings.txt
         gets installed (needed for font selection to work).
       - Added numerals and punctuation to German keyboard.lst (likely
         needs to be done for many other themes).

[ Holger Levsen ]
	- added updated Spanish translation by Amaya Rodrigo 

v 1.5.14 - svn revision 240
15 Sep 2007
[ David Bruce <> ]
       - scripting.c - added UTF-8 to wchar_t conversion at needed point
         when calling Phrases() (line ~1200).
       - some corrections and editing of scripts projectInfo.xml, cascade.xml,
         laser.xml - more work needed.

May-Sep 2007
Tux Type Indic Team:
[ Sreyas Kurumanghat <> ]
[ Sreerenj Balachandran <> ]
[ Vimal Ravi <> ]
[ Prince K. Antony <> ]
[ Mobin Mohan <> ]

       - added libSDLPango to handle complex rendering issues related with 
         Indic languages. This will eventually allow support of any of the
         world's major languages.
       - added an Indic language theme, Malayalam, which also contains a 
         lesson area.
       - new format of keyboard.lst for malayalam theme (now added to other
         themes too).
       - created a new file named practice.txt which contains the strings to
         display in the practice session. Also did a major role in adding 
         Unicode support in the practice area.
       - removed old keymap that was limited to Unicode chars 0-255 (now
         replaced by a scheme that can support any chars in Unicode).
       - added series of XML lessons for Malayalam theme.

v 1.5.13
08 Sep 2007
[ David Bruce <> ]
       - more work on practice.c - nearly all strings changed to 
         wchar_t arrays, should be able to support Unicode in
         practice phrases.
       - simplified format of keyboard.lst - each line now just
         gives the fingering for a single character (e.g. "0|a").
         The code to read in the keyboard.lst has been replaced.
         All keyboard.lst files in the themes are updated to the
         new format, however the Russian and Greek keyboard.lst files
         are erroneous and prevent these themes from working.
         TuxType now relies on the keyboard.lst files to tell it
         what characters are permissible in the typing activities.
         (If anyone knows of a cross-platform way to find out from
         the OS what Unicode values are "typable" with the user's
         current keyboard setup, please let me know!).

03 Sep 2007
[ David Bruce ]
       - practice.c revised significantly to prevent crashes if
         keyboard.lst erroneous or incomplete - if entry not found
         in FINGER[] array for a character, fingering hint not
         shown but program still functions. "Practice" now uses the
         same RenderLetters() code as the Cascade and Comet Zap
       - BlackOutLine() for single letters now uses 
         TTF_RenderUNICODE_Blended() rather than
         TTF_RenderGlyph_Blended() because the former version
         renders all glyphs to a consistent baseline, simplifying
         our code.

26 Aug 2007
[ David Bruce ]
       - got rid of - autoreconf is recommended way to
         do the same thing according to autotools folks.
       - replaced acinclude.m4 with newer version to get rid of 
         "underquoted AM_PATH_SDL" message.
       - fixed bug causing crash on exit from cascade game do to 
         double free of ptr.
       - fixed bug with Espanol display of menus.
       - added "static" keyword to file-scope variables.
       - moved more of global variables to file or local scope.
       - added hard-coded hack-work to LoadFont() to support
         Rachana and Doulos as well as Andika in Debia
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