File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxMath 1.5.5 - Windows

Release Notes

Executable Windows installer for TuxMath 1.5.5.

This release contains the completed high score table ("Hall of Fame") as well as improvements in the menu system, both visible and with respect to the underlying code.

Change Log

2007.Sep.28 ( - revision 279)
      * Completed the transition in TitleScreen to using a generic
	menu-traversal function, choose_menu_item.  All the menus have
	been transitioned over to the new code.  This version fixes a
	couple of minor visual glitches, slightly enhances consistency
	across menus, and may fix a bug in the mouse-handling code.  But
	by and large the main effort has been to replicate the previous
	behavior using only a single menu-traversal function.  It has
	been tested for memory leaks with valgrind (none found).

	Tim Holy <>

2007.Sep.28 ( - revision 277)
    * Completed implementation of high score table and 
      reorganized related code into highscore.c/h.
    * Re-implemented DrawButton in more flexible, 
      generalized, and basically correct fashion - now
      supports drawing of nice rounded rectangles with
      any size, corner radius, RGB color, and alpha
    * Added ConvertUTF.c/.h from Unicode, Inc to support
      conversions between UTF-8 and wchar_t.
      David Bruce <>

2007.Sep.18 ( - revision 260)
    * Modified and data/fonts/ to
      support building dist tarball either with font
      bundled (make dist_with_fonts) or without font
      (make dist). Added Andika font to svn.
      David Bruce <>

2007.Sep.08 ( - revision 233)
    * Added replacement function for scandir() (called
      "w32_scandir() ) because scandir isn't available
      under Windows - or at least isn't supported by

      David Bruce <>
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