File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxMath 1.5.5 - Source Tarball

Release Notes

For installation on Unix-type systems with "./configure; make; make install".
Requires *-dev files for SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_ttf, as well as GNU gettext.
Does not require Automake or Autoconf.

Change Log

2007.Oct.03 ( - revision 283)
  Version 1.5.5
      * One-liner bug fix in mathcards.c for rare segfaults during
        problem list generation (thanks to Tim Holy's test program
        for mathcards).
      * Elimination of "evil" macros in titlescreen.h.

      David Bruce <>

2007.Sep.28 ( - revision 279)
      * Completed the transition in TitleScreen to using a generic
	menu-traversal function, choose_menu_item.  All the menus have
	been transitioned over to the new code.  This version fixes a
	couple of minor visual glitches, slightly enhances consistency
	across menus, and may fix a bug in the mouse-handling code.  But
	by and large the main effort has been to replicate the previous
	behavior using only a single menu-traversal function.  It has
	been tested for memory leaks with valgrind (none found).

	Tim Holy <>

2007.Sep.28 ( - revision 277)
    * Completed implementation of high score table and 
      reorganized related code into highscore.c/h.
    * Re-implemented DrawButton in more flexible, 
      generalized, and basically correct fashion - now
      supports drawing of nice rounded rectangles with
      any size, corner radius, RGB color, and alpha
    * Added ConvertUTF.c/.h from Unicode, Inc to support
      conversions between UTF-8 and wchar_t.
      David Bruce <>

2007.Sep.18 ( - revision 260)
    * Modified and data/fonts/ to
      support building dist tarball either with font
      bundled (make dist_with_fonts) or without font
      (make dist). Added Andika font to svn.
      David Bruce <>

2007.Sep.08 ( - revision 233)
    * Added replacement function for scandir() (called
      "w32_scandir() ) because scandir isn't available
      under Windows - or at least isn't supported by

      David Bruce <>
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