File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxMath 1.5.6 - Windows

Release Notes

Executable installer for Windows build of TuxMath 1.5.6

Change Log

2007.Oct.13 ( - revision 301)

  Version 1.5.6

      * Replaced "Big Tux" with new images from "crystal" version
      of Larry Ewing's Tux; minor tweaking of drawing of Tux in menus.

      David Bruce <>

2007.Oct.12 ( - revision 298)
      * Added material in "Project Info" and (temporarily) removed the
	Settings menu.  This removes the last menu entries that result in
	"Work In Progress."  The thought is that it will make the
	application seem more polished to only have entries that do what
	they advertise.  We can restore the Settings entry when the code is
      Tim Holy <>

2007.Oct.12 ( - revision 297)
      * Redesigned the help to make it more interactive.
      Tim Holy <>

2007.Oct.10 ( - revision 294)
      * Added a help menu sprite. The help screen will probably be
	redesigned to give users more control over the pace of the help.
      Tim Holy <>

2007.Oct.09 ( - revision 293)
      * Merged in code to allow build under BeOS/Zeta - implementations
      of scandir() and alphasort() originally contributed to ARAnYm 
      project under GPLv2 - code written by:

      Milan Jurik <M.Jurik>

      and made into a patch for TuxMath by:

      Luc Schrijvers <> 

2007.Oct.09 ( - revision 291)
      * Added license notice for Andika font to 
        README_DATA_LICENSES.TXT as well as including full license text
        for the Open Font License 1.1 as "OFL.txt" under docs.

      David Bruce <>

2007.Oct.09 ( - revision 290)
      * Ran Autoconf's "autoupdate" util to update and 
        the m4 macros to work properly with the current version (1.10)
        of Automake (hope this doesn't break things for those using
        automake 1.9.6).

      David Bruce <>

2007.Oct.09 ( - revision 289)
      * Start of "real" help for tuxmath. I've tried to keep the text
	simple for early readers, but I imagine this could be improved.
	Needs a help sprite in the menu.

      Tim Holy <>
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