File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.0.0

Release Notes

Updates between 2.2.4 and 3.0.0:
- new config file parser:
  * many error messages now with line numbers
  * native support of comments (i.e. lines starting with # are now ignored,
    instead of treated as ignored headers, # within lines is now comment, too)
  * better support of tabs
  * meaning of empty fields changed, empty now means nothing and not all.
- always parse the whole distributions file first before doing anything else
  (avoids actions started in the wrong base directory and helps to catch more
   disambiguities, may lead to the need of a valid config file for some actions
   not needing one, though).
- check pull and update rules to not list any architectures or components that
  will never be used, so typos won't go unnoticed.
- obsolete --overridedir and searching files in overrides/ directory by default.
  This places are still search, but so is the configuration directory now and
  future version will stop accepting --overridedir and not search in that
- added db/version file to document database format
  (so future versions can warn about incompatibilities)
- cleaned up tracking handling a bit:
  * retrack no longer created tracking data for distribtions without tracking
  * retrack only recreates usage data, not all data
    (so .changes files and old versions are no longer lost when run)
    also references from tracking data are now refreshed by rereferences instead
  * removealltracks now needs explicitly needs distribution names
  * tidytracks now removes all tracking data from a distribution without tracking
  * clearvanished removes tracking data from vanished distributions.
- make update's ListHook relative to confdir (unless absolute)
- added removesrc and removefilter
- new format for contents.cache.db. Only needs half of the disk space and runtime
  to generate Contents files, but you need to run translatefilelists to translate
  the cached items (or delete your contents.cache.db and let reprepro reread
  all your .deb files). Also format and meaning of the Contents-fields changed, a
  rate no longer can be specified.

Change Log

2007-10-07  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* change db/version file to final format,
	  abort if version or libdb version specified
	  there cannot be fulfilled.

2007-09-27  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* allow comments starting within lines in config files
	* also allow tab as first character for continued lines as
	manpage already says.

2007-09-23  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* save another 2 seconds while sorting filelists for Contents files

2007-09-22  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* make empty Architectures and Components fields
	  in conf/distributions an error.
	* Contents: fields no longer has a rate value,
	  triggers or disables contents generation if non-/empty.
	* empty Architecturs/Components/UdebComponents in
  	  conf/updates and conf/pulls now mean nothing instead of all.
	* minimal additional speedup when sorting filelists

2007-09-21  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* save cached filelists of packages for Contents files
	in a preprocessed form, needing only about half the disk
	space and only half the time when generating the Contents file.
	* new translatefilelists command to translate old to new format
	* filelists reading no longer available without libarchive

2007-09-19  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* files.c uses database.c instead of accessing libdb directly
	* release.c uses database.c instead of accessing libdb directly

2007-09-16  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* add removesrc and removefilter action

2007-09-15  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* move package database handling from packages.c to database.c

2007-09-14  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* rereference now also refreshes references by tracking data.

2007-09-13  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* retrack no longer create track records for distributions with
	tracking disabled, dumptracks no longer generated empty databases.
	* removealltracks now also works on distributions no longer listed
	in conf/distributions, no longer supports being used on all
	distributions listed there (i.e. without argumnts)
	* tidytracks not remove all tracking data from a distribution without
	tracking activated.
	* clearvanished removes tracking data from vanished distributions.
	* in default --nofast mode, check for unexpected tracking data and
	do not run, unless --ignore=undefinedtracking is defined
	* retrack refreshes tracking information instead of destroying and
	starting new.
	* make update's ListHook relative to confdir
	* low level part of the includelogs options added

2007-09-11  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* reject spaces and tabs in key-names (i.e. before :) in config files,
	instead of bubbling about unknown fields.

2007-09-10  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* improve parsing of update's Config lines

2007-09-09  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* never hardlink index files, but copy them always into the lists
	  directory. (Should not make a difference yet, but feels safer).
	* warn if update rules list components or architectures are always ignored

2007-09-08  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* warn if pull rules list components or architectures are always ignored

2007-09-07  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* create db/version
	* always create all packages.db subtables, so future
	  versions can detect new architectures/components.

2007-09-06  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* read all distribution definitions before starting
	  any action.

2007-09-04  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* test number of arguments earlier.

2007-09-03  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* remove the dbdirs and all its parents created at startup
	that are still empty at shutdown. (Does not make much difference
	yet, as most commands create an empty file database in there.)
	* obsolete --overridedir, overrides belong to conf dir like all
	the other config files now.

2007-09-02  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* fix uninitialized use of errno in listclean.
	  (might cause update to report error opening dir: file exists)
	* new config file parser
	* remove --ignore from changestool, --ignore=shortkeyid from reprepro
	* move to C99's bool, false and true

2007-08-21  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* ignore SIGPIPE, so that libgpgme cannot tear us apart
	so easily.

2007-08-20  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* Print ignored signatures in Release.gpg files
	when verbosity > 10

2007-08-18  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* stop dumpreferences output when Ctrl-c is received.

2007-08-03  Bernhard R. Link <>
	* add --without-libgpgme to compile without
	gpgme support (checking and signing are then not
	available, yet).
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