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Release Name: TuxMath 1.5.7 - Source Tarball

Release Notes

This release includes a new "Gold Star" feature that keeps track of the lessons successfully completed, as well as new menu icons for a more polished appearance.  There is at least one user-visible bugfix, as well as significant code cleanup.

Source tar.gz archive for TuxMath 1.5.7, including the Andika font.  Suitable for installation on Unix-style systems using a simple "./configure; make; make install".

Build requires the *-dev files for SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and SDL_ttf. All of these should be easily available in most Gnu-Linux distributions. The Gnu Autotools are not needed to build from this package.

Change Log

2007.Oct.29 ( - revision 310)

  Version 1.5.7

      * Implementation of proper "install" and "uninstall" targets in
        the's, replacing some old quick-and-dirty hackery.
      * gettext/po/intl needs testing.
      * Removal of numerous unused image files as well as unused code
        in options.c (old options system), savings ~400 KB.
      * Rest of sprites updated to "crystal" look.
      * Inactivated mouse warping in menus (at least for now) - the
        users I've tested it on find the warping to be unexpected and

      David Bruce <>

2007.Oct.19 ( - revision 306)

      * More gettext/po/intl work (in progress)
      * Implementation of "gold stars" - the game keeps track of what
        lessons have been successfully completed and displays a gold
        star icon for completed lessons, with a grayed-out icon for lessons
        that have not been completed.
      * Fix of a bug in the menu code causing unintended exiting of the
      * Most of sprites revised to have a more uniform and modern shiny/
      "crystal" look - remainder to be finished shortly.

      David Bruce <>

2007.Oct.19 ( - revision 303)

      * Work on gettext-related stuff - hope to get i18n supported on all
        platforms (in progress)

      David Bruce <>
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