File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.11

Release Notes

This release adds partial support for the new MacBook Santa Rosa (MacBook3,1, November 2007). Note that the LCD backlight is not supported yet, and you'll need to patch your kernel to get the keyboard to work properly (new keyboard & trackpad, new USB IDs).

This release also fixes a long standing bug with disappearing event devices after suspend.

Also, external Apple USB keyboards are now supported; the White and Alu keyboards have been added, but there may be other variants for these keyboards, so if yours doesn't work, send me the USB IDs and the model name.

Starting with this release, pommed will now beep when the sound volume is changed through the volume up/down keys; this used to be done in gpomme before.

Change Log

- pommed:
   + beep on volume change, now that we have the audio code in pommed itself.
   + partial support (ie. no LCD backlight yet) for the MacBook3,1 (MacBook Core2 Duo Santa Rosa, November 2007).
   + rework the event management. Use epoll() for event polling instead of poll(). Use inotify to watch new event devices appear in /dev/input. This effectively fixes our disappearing event devices issues after suspend. YAY.
   + add support for the external Apple USB keyboards, white & alu. If you have such a keyboard with another USB ID, please contact me. Patch from Carmine 'earcar' Paolino <>.
   + add secondary locations for the uinput device node. Heads up & patch from Carmine 'earcar' Paolino.

- gpomme:
   + remove audio-related code.
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