File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxType 1.5.16 - Source Tarball

Release Notes

Source tar.gz for TuxType 1.5.16 with included fonts.  This should be suitable for installation on Unix-type systems with "./configure; make; make install" - requires *.dev files for SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_ttf, as well as SDLPango.  Does not require Autotools.

This release contains a potential bugfix (not tested)for recognition of non-ASCII keyboard input, as well as new Czech and Wolof themes.

Change Log

v. 1.5.16 - svn revision 347
29 Nov 2007
[ David Bruce <> ]
       - added Czech theme, contributed by:
         Jaroslav Krejčí (JardaK) - <>

28 Nov 2007
[ David Bruce <> ]
       - Corrected Russian keyboard.lst.
       - Possible bugfix that may have prevented recognition of chars
         beyond 255 in cascade and comet zap games.

19 Nov 2007
[ David Bruce <> ]
       - added Wolof theme by Issa Dominique Rochefort.

11 Oct 2007
[ David Bruce <> ]
       - updated all's to use the currently-preferred "MKDIR_P"
         instead of "mkinstalldirs"; removed multiple redundant invocations
         of "mkinstalldirs".
       - ran Autoconf's "autoupdate" to be sure build system will work
         properly with automake 1.10.

15 Sep 2007
[ David Bruce <> ]
       - "make dist" no longer includes fonts - added new Makefile target,
         "make dist_with_fonts" that does include them. Thanks to Ralf 
          Wildenhues <> for autotools help via
          mailing lists.
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