File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxMath 1.5.9 - Source Tarball

Release Notes

Source tar.gz archive for TuxMath 1.5.8, including the Andika font.  Suitable for installation on Unix-style systems using a simple "./configure; make; make install".

Build requires the *-dev files for SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and SDL_ttf. Gnu gettext is no longer required for installation. All of these should be easily available in most Gnu-Linux distributions. The Gnu Autotools are not needed to build from this package.

Change Log

2007.Dec.07 ( - revision 359)
Version 1.5.9
      David Bruce <>

2007.Dec.07 ( - revision 357)
      * Added French po file - contributed by:
       Luc Schrijvers <>

2007.Dec.05 ( - revision 354)
    * Improvement of code for Windows crossbuild to make
      better use of autotools.
    * Addition of tux4kids/tuxmath/people/dbruce/tuxmath_dll directory
      to make it easier for others to set up crossbuild - intention is 
      to have entire cross-compile setup managed by svn.

      David Bruce <>

2007.Dec.03 ( - revision 353)
    * Added global config file support for specifying a home directory
      (tree) location.
    * Allow users to share a single high score file.
      Tim Holy <>

2007.Dec.02 ( - revision 350)
      * Reworked the user login to make it more robust and
	user-friendly.  This version should be pretty generally usable.
      Tim Holy <>

2007.Nov.26 ( - revision 342)
      * Added support for user login. This should be helpful in school
	settings where all students log in with the same username.  See
	the README for details.

      Tim Holy <>
2007.Nov.18 ( - revision 327)

      * Changed name of "docs" to more standard "doc";
      fixed doc/ so that files go under 
      "$(prefix)/share/doc/" rather than "$(prefix)/doc/"

      David Bruce <>
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