File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.0a

Change Log

- gstrip on Solaris/SPARC breaks the binary, so stripping is made optional
  (but enabled by default!) and /usr/ccs/bin/strip is used instead of
- Fixed a small (not harmful) errorcode interpretation bug in the ftp_size
- Downloading from unsupported sites works better now.
- Added support for downloading using more than one local network interface.
- Fixed a potential SIGSEGV bug. Would only happen with about more than 64
  connections usually. Still strange things can happen with too many
  connections when using Linux..
- Hopefully fixed the problem with downloading from forwarding URL's.
- HTTP %-escapes are handled now.
- Alternate progress indicator with estimation of remaining download time
- Changed the return-code a bit, see man-page for details.
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