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Release Name: TuxMath 1.6.1 - Windows

Release Notes

Executable Windows installer file for TuxMath 1.6.1

Change Log

2008.Jan.30 ( - revision 418)
Version 1.6.1
        Updating of changelog, README.txt, INSTALL.txt to reflect recent work -
        no code changes beyond what is listed below.

      David Bruce <>

2008.Jan.26 ( - revision 410)
        After a few minor modifications, tuxmath now builds and installs on
        MacOSX Leopard with "./configure; make; sudo make install", including
        functioning gettext!

        The build environment needs current versions of gettext,
        libiconv, and all the SDL* libs.  Also, it needs newer versions of
        the autotools than are currently in either Fink or Leopard itself - 
        not exactly trivial.

        The alterations to tuxmath consisted of testing for the presence of
        error.h in autoconf, and implementing Tim's workaround (suggested for
        BeOS) if not found - this should also fix the BeOS issue.
      David Bruce <>

2008.Jan.02 ( - revision 405)
        A little more refinement of randomize_list() - now just
        rearranges pointers to existing nodes rather than allocating
        new list and deleting old one. Sort time for full Ace list (~16,000 
        questions) has gone from over 7 sec to 0.012 sec! (on 3.2 GHz P4)
        Even on much slower machines in schools, expect this will be quick enough. 
      David Bruce <>

2008.Jan.02 ( - revision 402)
        New files scandir.h, .c with better cross-platform scandir()
        and alphasort().  New code is from Hatari project at
        Thanks to Thomas Huth <> - dev/maintainer
        of Hatari project, and to contributers to that project.

        Better use of autoconf to detect need for replacement functions
        like this when building on various platforms.
      David Bruce <>

2007.Dec.31 ( - revision 397)
	Add some additional reporting about student progress: a log.csv
	file that contains a brief (one-line) summary of every game
	played.  This file organization is chosen to make it easy to
	import the data into a spreadsheet program.

      Tim Holy <>

2007.Dec.30 ( - revision 396)
    Bug fixes:
      fileops.c: homedir setting in read_config_file lacked a closedir,
        resulting in a memory leak.
      fileops.c: write_postgame_summary did not close the file after
        appending, resulting in the summary sometimes never being
        "flushed" (some summary files have just been truncated).
      mathcards.c: new_randomize_list did not set the "previous" field of
        each node, resulting in memory corruption & drawing glitches
      mathcards.c: free tmp_vect (fixes memory leak)

    New feature:
      mathcards & game & fileops: collect data on the amount of time each
        problem is on the screen, and report the median in the game
        summary files.

      Tim Holy <>
2007.Dec.26 ( - revision 394)
      * More bugfixing in the new login system: now the system seems to
	work if the homedir is specified in the global configuration file,
	and in a multiuser setup file permissions are set to be
	unrestrictive (so that a user can modify his/her own files no
	matter how he/she is logged in).
    Tim Holy <>

2007.Dec.24 ( - revision 382-392)
      * Fix bugs that came with the new login system, including: fix
	re-reading of highscores table, and several Valgrind-detected
	memory leaks in the string processing associate with the login
      * Add the gettext macro in front of the help strings so they can
	be internationalized (does it work?)
      * Add documentation on tuxmathadmin in the README.txt file.
	Tim Holy <>
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