File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.3.0

Release Notes

Updates between 3.1.0 and 3.3.0:
- add support for different checksums.
  The new checksums.db which stores all the checksums, while
  files.db still only stores md5sum and is the canonical information,
  when it exists. This way repositories keep backward compatible.
  A repository generated with --nooldfilesdb only has checksums.db
  and will not work with reprepro version prior to 3.3.
  New command collectnewchecksums to calculate checksums missing
  in the database.

Change Log

2008-02-01  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * new --nooldfilesdb switch to only use new-style checksum database
        * improve db/version generation, set minimum required reprepro version
        to 3.3.0 when only using checksums.db

2008-01-13  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * improve collecting of not yet known checksums and using
        already recorded checksums in the database

2008-01-06  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * implement collectnewchecksums

2008-01-04  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * add checksums.db to store all checksums (as opposed to only md5sums
        in files.db). The old files.db persists for compatibility, but when
        checksums.db is up to date (when repository is generated with new
        reprepro or to be implemented collectnewchecksums was run) the old
        files.db can be deleted and only checksums.db is used then. (Of
        course you should not run an older reprepro with that repository
        then, ever).

2008-01-03  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * tracking.c uses database.c instead of libdb directly

2007-12-14 - 2007-12-23  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * collect and advertise  more checksums, though not yet stored

2007-12-10  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * support lzma compressed source packages

2007-12-01  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * beautify control data read from .deb or .dsc/.changes files:
          remove all CR and make sure leading or trailing newlines do
          not hurt.

2007-11-27  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * rewrite support for reading text files containing a single
        chunk. (Release, .dsc, .changes). Unsigned .dsc and .changes
        files are no longer routed through libgpgme.

2007-11-24  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * references.c uses database.c instead of accessing libdb directly

2007-11-19  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * mark more filedescriptors closeonexec,
          support closefrom and F_CLOSEM when available.
2007-11-18  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * add sha1 hash calculation code
        * add sha1 hashes of index files into Release files.
          release.cache.db renmamed to release.caches.db due
          to modified syntax.
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