File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.33.1

Release Notes

* Major changes in release 0.33.1 (2008-03-16)

This is a bug fix release.

 * Do not translate - to \- inside \*[...], \(.., \H'...', or \Z'...'.

 * Do not translate SSI comments by default.

 * Fix the installation path of manpages and .mo files.

Change Log

2008-03-17  Nicolas François  <>

	* Build.PL: Really fix the installation path (I hope).

2008-03-17  Nicolas François  <>

	* MANIFEST: Added Polish addendum for the groff pages.

2008-03-15  Nicolas François  <>

	* po/bin/ru.po: Updated to 171t. Thanks to Yuri Kozlov.

2008-03-15  Nicolas François  <>

	* NEWS, lib/Locale/Po4a/ Do not translate the SSI comments
	by default (<!--#...-->). Set the f_extract and f_translate to the
	same as for regular comments.
	* lib/Locale/Po4a/ Do not forget the # at the beginning of
	SSI comments.
	* t/25-xhtml.t, t/data-25/includessi.html, t/data-25/includessi.po,
	t/data-25/includessi_normalized.html, MANIFEST: Added tests for the
	includessi option.
	* t/data-25/xhtml.po, t/data-25/xhtml_normalized.html: SSI
	comments are no more translated.

2008-03-15  Nicolas François  <>

	* NEWS, lib/Locale/Po4a/ Prepare the next release.

2008-03-14  Nicolas François  <>

	* html/index.php.en, po/www/fr.po, po/www/po4a-www.pot: Updated
	for the 0.33 release.

2008-03-14  Nicolas François  <>

	* lib/Locale/Po4a/ Do not change - to \- in \(-x \Z'...'
	\H'...' \*[...]
	* t/23-man.t, t/data-23/hyphens.1, t/data-23/,
	t/data-23/, t/data-23/hyphens.translate.pot,
	t/data-23/, t/data-23/,
	t/data-23/hyphens.verbatim.pot: Add new tests for hyphens.
	* MANIFEST: Distribute the new tests.

2008-03-13  Nicolas François  <>

	* Build.PL: Fix the path of the manpages and mo files and a prefix
	is specified on the command line.

2008-03-10  Noritada Kobayashi <>

	* lib/Locale/Po4a/ Make sure that all comments at a block
	in input XML are separately inserted into a corresponding block in
	output XML.  The previous behaviour was those comments are merged
	into one comment.
	* t/data-27/comments-normalized.xml,
	t/data-27/general-normalized.xml: Update the test data accordingly.
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