File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.2.0

Release Notes

Feb 2008:

        Migrated from GnomeVFS (deprecated in GNOME 2.22)
        to GIO (glib-2.0 >= 2.16.1).

Change Log

2008-03-22  Neil Williams  <>

        * src/callbacks.c (on_dvtoolopen_clicked), (new_window_init): 
        Pass the context so that the new functions can be used.
        * src/dvarchive.c (dv_set_needs_uri), (dv_get_needs_uri),
        (dv_parse_changes): Support a flag to dictate whether a GFile
        needs URI or path parsers, add routines to get and set the flag.
        * src/dvarchive.h: New get and set functions.
        * src/main.c (convert_vfs_to_gfile): Set the URI flag when

        * src/dvarchive.c (dv_archive_free): Clear the GFile object
        when closing each window.
        * src/main.c (convert_vfs_to_gfile), (main): Run checks
        on all GFile methods - fails with remote access until
        GVfs allows operation without the need for sudo.

2008-03-21  Neil Williams  <>

        * website/index.html,
         website/manpage.html: 0.2.0 release.
        * src/callbacks.c (on_open_deb), (on_dvtoolopen_clicked),
        (new_window_init): Integrating with new GFile support.
        * src/dvarchive.c (dv_new_window), (dv_parse_changes),
        (set_deb_file), (dv_archive_open), (dv_archive_read),
        (prepare_contents), (open_deb), (dv_archive_preload):
        Ensure the same stream is always available to keep
        track of the files within the .deb. Migrate .changes
        support to GFile path handling.
        * src/dvarchive.h: Using new GFile support.

        * src/callbacks.c (get_deb), (on_dvtoolopen_clicked),
        (new_window_init), (on_treeview_button_press_event),
        src/dvarchive.c (dv_new_window), (dv_set_working_path)
        src/main.c (convert_vfs_to_gfile) : Restore
        consistent handling of workingdir for New and Open operations.

2008-03-19  Neil Williams  <>

  * autoupdate changes, replace libgnomevfs
  with GIO. Bump version.
  * src/callbacks.c (on_dvtoolopen_clicked), (new_window_init),
  src/dvarchive.h, src/main.c (main), 
  src/dvarchive.c (dv_new_window), (dv_parse_changes),
  (set_deb_file), (dv_archive_open), (dv_archive_read),
  (prepare_contents), (open_deb): 
  Migrate from libgnomevfs to GIO.

2008-03-05  Neil Williams  <>

 *, : Replace separate commands with
 autoreconf -ifs.
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