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Release Name: TuxType 1.5.17 - Source Tarball

Release Notes

Source tar.gz for tuxtype-1.5.17, including fonts.  This archive is suitable for installation on Linux and other Unix-type systems with "./configure; make; sudo make install".  The build requires the *-dev libs for SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_image, SDL_ttf, and SDLPango.

The Gnu Autotools were used to create this package, but they are not needed to build and install the program.

Change Log

29 Mar 2008 - svn revision 451
[ David Bruce <> ]
       - new branch made called "tuxtype-new", code reorganized with
       - more standard subdirs "src", "data", "doc";'s
         and updated accordingly.  After some tweaking,
         seems to work properly for configuration, "make", "make install",
         "make uninstall", "make distcheck" - and appears to run
         correctly on Linux.
       - version 1.5.17 to be released as last release from tree prior
         to reorganization.

23 Mar 2008
[ David Bruce <> ]
       - Nepali theme contributed by Vikal Acharya and Shakeel Shrestha

22 Feb 2008
[ David Bruce <> ]
       - replaced many of menu icon images with new shiny ones.

19 Feb 2008
[ David Bruce <> ]
       - updated remainder of's to use automake
         variables rather than hard-coded 'install' and 'uninstall'

15 Feb 2008
[ David Bruce <> ]
       - start of rewrite of's for data heirarchy
         to use automake more correctly.

v. 1.5.17 - UNRELEASED
14 Dec 2007
[ Holger Levsen <> ]
       - corrected Greek theme, contributed by:
	 Faidon Liambotis <>
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