File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.33.3

Release Notes

* Major changes in release 0.33.3 (2008-04-02)

 * Add options --package-name and --package-version (similar to xgettext's

 * Actually ship Japanese translations.

Change Log

2008-04-02  Nicolas François  <>

	* html/index.php.en: Add 0.33.3 to the minor releases lists.
	* po/www/po4a-www.pot: Regenerated.
	* po/www/*.po: Synchronized with the POT.

2008-04-02  Nicolas François  <>

	* po/bin/po4a.pot, po/pod/po4a-pod.pot, po/www/po4a-www.pot:
	Regenerated to take the new options into account.
	* po/bin/*.po, po/pod/*.po, po/www/*.po: Synchronized with the

2008-04-02  Nicolas François  <>

	* Build.PL, Generate the POT with the
	--msgid-bugs-address, --package-name, and --package-version
	options (with po4a and xgettext).

2008-04-02  Nicolas François  <>

	* NEWS, po4a: Add options --package-name and --package-version
	(similar to xgettext's options).
	* lib/Locale/Po4a/ Add support for the --package-name and
	--package-version options.

2008-04-02  Nicolas François  <>

	* NEWS: Prepare 0.33.3.

2008-04-02  Noritada Kobayashi <>

	* MANIFEST: Actually ship Japanese translations.
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