File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.4.0

Release Notes

Updates between 3.3.2 and 3.4.0:
+ bugfixes:
- no longer mix up -S and -P command line arguments (introduced in 3.0.1)
- some field overriding was erroneously case dependent.
- many spelling corrections
+ improvements:
- more support for Checksums-Sha1
- add copysrc and copyfilter commands (improve copy w.r.t tracking)
- add restore restoresrc restorefilter and _addpackage commands
- warn about some impossible -A -T combinations.
- set fake Suite: in snapshots to quiet apt's signature checks.
- add REPREPRO_CAUSING_FILE environment variable in log notifiers.
- update expected fields to new dpkg-dev
- try to extract missing section and priority of .dsc files from
  .diff.gz and .tar.gz.

Change Log

2008-04-05  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * add restore restoresrc restorefilter and _addpackage

2008-04-04  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * add copysrc and copyfilter
        * reimplement copy command (should no longer invalidate
          tracking information)
        * warn against impossible -T values and impossible
          -A -T combinations (source is dsc and dsc is source)

2008-03-31  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * bugfix: no longer confuse -S and -P (introduced in 3.0.1)

2008-03-25  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * put a fake Suite: field in Release files generated by
        gensnapshot to avoid apt warning about the distribution
        name not matching.

2008-03-17  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * Log:-scripts are starting with environment-variable
        REPREPRO_CAUSING_FILE set to the main file causing this
        change. (.changes for include/processincoming, .dsc for includedsc,
        .deb for includedeb);

2008-03-14  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * read Checksums-Sha1 in .changes file in processincoming

2008-03-13  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * changestool can write Checksums-Sha1 headers now
        * read Checksums-Sha1 in .changes file in the include command

2008-03-12  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * Bugfix: When replacing fields only those matching with
        the same case were replaced.

2008-03-10  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * write Checksums-Sha1 to Sources.gz when available and
        remove Checksums-Sha256 to avoid problems with not yet being
        able to add the .dsc file.
        * Do not warn about missing Standards-Version as newer dpkg-source
        no longer include them.

2008-03-09  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * read Checksums-Sha1 in .dsc files

2008-03-08  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * When missing section or priority reprepro's includedsc and
        changestool's add[dsc] look into the .diff and the .tar file.
        * changestool's add* commands look for files in the current directory
        first, adddsc for files referenced in the directory of the dsc file.

2008-03-06  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * fix/improve some messages, based uppon many suggestions
        by Marc Haber.
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