File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxMath 1.6.2 - Windows

Release Notes

Executable Win32 installer for TuxMath 1.6.2.  This release includes a new Spanish translation, as well as a bug fix for crashes occurring on window close.

Change Log

Version 1.6.2
        Added Spanish translation (contributed by
        Angela Ruiz <>

      David Bruce <>

2008.Feb.23 ( - revision 435)
        Added some additional pointer checks to cleanup() in setup.c
        to fix segfaults when exiting due to window close events, as
        cleanup() gets called twice in that code path and we were
        getting double free() errors.

      David Bruce <>

2008.Feb.12 ( - revision 427)
	Added updated Hungarian translation (contributed by Mikl�s
	Mer�nyi) that includes the help text strings

      Committed by Tim Holy <>      
2008.Feb.06 ( - revision 426)
        Added Swedish translation (contributed by
        Daniel Nylander <>)

        Small syntax fix in game.c to correct error detected while
        building for BeOS (thanks Luc Schrivers)

      David Bruce <>

2008.Feb.05 ( - revision 424)
        Added Hungarian translation (contributed by
        Merenyi Miklos <>)

        Added src/game.c to po/ so help strings will appear in
        tuxmath.pot for translation.

      David Bruce <>
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