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Release Name: TuxMath 1.6.3 - Source

Release Notes

Source tar.gz for tuxmath 1.6.3 - suitable for easy building and installation on Linux and other Unix-type systems.

This release includes support for using SDL_Pango to allow right-to-left rendering for Arabic and Hebrew, as well as automated use of appropriate fonts for Asian and Eastern European languages.  This release also includes several additional translation files (Arabic, Chinese, Finnish, Hebrew, Japanese, Occitans, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak).  Some of these volunteer-provided translations are incomplete.

To build with SDL_Pango support, make sure you have the "*-dev" SDL_Pango library, and build using "./configure --enable-sdlpango; make; sudo make install".

If SDL_Pango is not desired, just use "./configure; make; sudo make install".

Either way, you will need the *-dev files for SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and SDL_ttf.

You do not need to have maintainer tools like autoconf, automake, or the gettext utilities to build and install this package. 

Change Log

2008.April-May ( - revision 501)
Version 1.6.3
	 Create a CMake build, including support for internationalization
	 (builds the intl directory on Mac OS X) and SDL_Pango. This also
	 builds a .dmg on Mac OS X.
	 Fix pointer bug in mathcards when initializing with wrong questions.
	 Fix a number of compiler warnings.
        Added po files for many languages from Ubuntu's Launchpad

      Tim Holy <>
2008.May.05 ( - revision 477)
	  SDL_Pango support for right-to-left languages 
	Contributed by Ahmed Sayed <>
	Checked in on Ahmed's behalf by Tim Holy
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