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Release Name: TuxMath 1.7.0 - Windows

Release Notes

Executable win32 installer for TuxMath 1.7.0

This release includes numerous enhancements (see Change Log), most notably support for fullscreen mode at native resolution, expanded math question formats, and an entirely new game activity - Factoroids!

Users of earlier versions are encouraged to upgrade for these cool new features.  However, there is a lot of new code and bugs will undoubtably be found.

Change Log

2008.Dec.08 ( - revision 788)
Version 1.7.0
        First post-Google Summer of Code release with numerous enhancements.
        The changelog was not kept updated very well over the summer, although
        most of the changes had descriptive commit messages in subversion.
        To summarize the most important changes and their contributors:
          - Fullscreen support at native resolution (Brendan Luchen).
          - Overhaul of mathcards question-generation code with support
            for multiple-operand questions (Brendan Luchen).
          - Turn-based multiplayer mode (Brendan Luchen).
          - Redo of Credits screen to allow i18n (Brendan Luchen).
          - Very humorous menu-screen Easter egg (Brendan Luchen).
          - Factoroids factor game activity (Jesus Mager, based on Bill
            Kendricks' "Vectoroids").
          - New Irish (Seanán Ó Coistín) and Turkish (Doruk Fisek)
          - Several new menu icons.

        David Bruce <>
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