File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxType 1.7.0 - Source

Release Notes

Source tar.gz archive for Tux Typing 1.7.0, including the fonts. Suitable for installation on Unix-style systems using a simple "./configure; make; make install". This now includes MacOSX as long as you have the needed libs (tested on MacOS 10.5 "Leopard"). Build requires the *-dev files for SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and SDL_ttf. SDL_Pango support will be built in if the *-dev is available. GNU Gettext is no longer required for installation. All of these should be easily available in most GNU-Linux distributions. The GNU Autotools are not needed to build from this package.

Change Log

10 Dec 2008 - svn revision 795 Version 1.7.0 [ David Bruce <> ] - First release following 2008 Google Summer of Code. - Several major enhancements: - GNU gettext used for internationalization (M. Mohan) - Themes and translations for multiple additional Indic languages (M. Mohan) - Graphical keyboard hint system (Sreyas K.) - Rewritten phrase practice activity (D. Bruce) - Fullscreen mode at native resolution (D. Bruce)

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