File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.3.0

Release Notes

Version 1.3 wraps up all the changes since the last release. Most significant, is that we're now using LAPACK for LU decomposition. This gives a huge speedup. There have been many improvements to ghe code readability and documentation. See the ChangeLog for detailed release notes.

Change Log

Version 1.3 * Using the correct value for speed of light throughout (was using 299.8 as default freq, and this caused slight problems. Now using 1 meter as default wavelength (rather than 299.8 as the default frequency) * Added error message when segment length is less that 0.01 wavelengths long. * Added accessor functions for RHCP and LHCP receiving gain to nec_radiation_pattern nec_float get_power_gain_tot(int theta_index, int phi_index) const nec_float get_power_gain_rhcp(int theta_index, int phi_index) const nec_float get_power_gain_lhcp(int theta_index, int phi_index) const * Changes geometry parsing to make ix,iy,iz local variables. Set iy=0 before calling reflect for GR card. * Improvements to the LAPACK use. Autoconf now checks for the correct functions. * We NOW are using LAPACK. Huge speed bonus. Run configure with the option --with-lapack to compile this in. You will need to install some LAPACK libraries. Some work needed in the autoconf files ( to make this work correctly on more platforms. On debian use aptitude install libatlas-base-dev * Some work on using ATLAS for the Gaussian Elimination. * cleaned up some code that produced warnings in gcc 4.2 (const char coercions) * Added output flag for XML -x * Cleaned up output file handling in nec_results (a little)

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