File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.8.0~alpha

Release Notes

Updates between 3.6.2 and 3.8.0~alpha:
+ different small improvements:
- log notifiers can be limited to a specific command with --via
- upgradeonly value for FilterList to only include a package if
  an older one is already there.
- new --keepunusednewfiles to keep files just added to the pool
  but later in the same run decided to no longer be needed
  (for example because a package was not added because of later
  detected errors).
- --keepunreferenced and actions implying this now print
  the number of files that lost their last reference
- new dumpupdate and dumppull actions that are like checkupdate and
  checkpull put with output easier parseable
- new ls action to list a package in all distributions
+ bugfixes
- if FilterFormula excludes a package, FilterList can no longer put
  a package on hold.
+ improved decompression support
- support looking into lzma compressed .deb, .diff and .tar files.
- support for external helpers for uncompression
  (to speed up uncompression on multiple processors, also reprepro
   can now be compiled without libbz2 and zlib if needed)
- support for downloading and using bz2 and lzma index files in updates
+ major changes to index file retrieval on updates:
- iteratedupdate action was removed
- update-rules can inherit settings from others
- ListHooks are now called once per usage
  (mostly only makes a difference for flat upstream repositories)
- --nolistsdownload no longer includes --noskipold and checks checksums
  of the lists files.
- format of lists/ directory contents changed
  (I doubt anyone cares for the files in there, but if you
   do, you have been informed hereby that it looks differently)
- lists/ directory no longer auto-cleaned,
  thus --(no)keepuneeded longer exists and
  new action cleanlists to clean files no longer usable...
+ visible effects of internal refactorisations:
- multiple checks for identifiers more strict now
- some fields in conf/distributions need a specific order now
  (Architectures and Components before things using the values
  defined by those)

Change Log

This Changelog is relative to 3.6.1 (3.6.2 and 3.6.3 were on another branch and already contain
the bugfixes and some of the smaller features
listed in here)

        * handle 'raw-*' sections like 'byhand' sections (i.e. mostly not
          handle them, but give better error messages).

        * add DownloadListsAs: option for conf/updates to specify which index
          files (.gz, .bz2, .lzma, ...) to download when available.

        * add support for libdb4.7 (yet with some warnings to note I have not
        tested it much yet)
        * bugfix in checkpool with old files.db

        * FilterList/FilterFormula can be inherited with From: in update rules.
        * bugfix: if FilterList return hold, FilterFormula was not asked.
          Not it is only hold if FilterFormula also includes this package.
        * if a distribution is both flat and non-flat, do not raise an
          assert, but emmit a warning and proceed (new flatandnonflat ignore
          class to ignore that warning).

        * add 'upgradeonly' value for FilterList, that only takes
          an package into account if it already exists.

        * implement cleanlists command

        * fix bug in sha256 calculation over very large files

        * add dumpupdate and dumppull actions that are like checkupdate and
        checkpull but with less information but that more easily parseable.

        * fix parsing error of contents of very big .deb files.
        Thanks to Aramian Wasielak and Alexander Perlis.

        * rework handling of files added to the pool not used by anything.
        (for example because the package was not added due to error).
        New --keepunusednewfiles option to not delete such files.

        * print number of newly unreferenced file on --keepunreferenced
        and commands not deleting their references.

        * add support for flat repositories with Sources files without
        Directory lines (Thanks to Cody A.W. Somerville for noting).

        * some rework on unreferenced files bookkeeping. Should make no
          difference yet but only make the "Deleting files not longer
          referenced" only show up if something is deleted...

        * Internaly atomize components architectures and packagetypes.
          Causes multiple checks for unknown identifiers to be earlier or
          more strict. (And fields in conf/distributions have more
          restrictions w.r.t their order).
        * fix bug in (tracking enabled) removesrc that caused malformed
          tracking data when a source package's track record contains a
          file no longer found in any distribution (which should not
          happen without other bugs).

        * warn if an update rule references local components or architectures
          that were not seen in conf/distributions (old behaviour was to check
          if any distribution that references this rule had this architecture,
          but that was too complex with the new rule-can-reference-rule

        * update rules can include other rules with From: allowing
          leaner conf/updates file and avoiding duplicate downloading
          of upstream indices.
        * do not process distributions without Updates: field upon

        * also support external uncompression programs for
          .orig.tar/.debian.tar/.tar uncompression, i.e.:
        - support Section/Priority extraction from lzma compressed dsc packages
        - libarchive no longer needs to be linked against zlib/libbz2
        * fix some corner cases in .diff parsing

        * add support for external uncompression programs
        - speeding up updating, as downloading and uncompressing
          can happen at the same time
        - support lzma compressed .deb and .diff (when unlzma is available)
        - supporting .bz2 compressed files even when compiled without libbz2
          (but needing runtime bunzip2 then)
        * make --nooldfilesdb the default

        * unify reading of compressed files, adding support for:
        - extracting section and priority from a .diff.bz2
        - restoring from a snapshot with only .bz2 indices
        * massive refactorisation of the update code to retrieve
          remote index files. Most important modifications:
        - when the same remote distribution is needed by multiple
          updates, then the index files are only downloaded once.
          (still needs futher changes to allow better detection
           of the same source).
        - ListHooks are called once per use (should mostly only
          make a difference for flat sources or with settings
          where this is needed).
        - --nolistsdownload now only not downloads lists and has
          no other effects (checksums still checked, --noskipold
          no longer implied).
        - deleting of old no longer needed lists (the default
          --nokeepunneeded) no longer exists.
        - index files are stored uncompressed in lists/ and the
          way files are named there is less strange...
        - many other changes are possible now and will hopefully
          be implemented soon.
        * support downloading .bz2 indices
        * add --via to Log-notifiers to only call notification
          scripts when the action was triggered by a specific

        * some internal cleanup preparing for future changes...

        * allow multiple export hooks

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