File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxType 1.7.2 - Source

Release Notes

tarball for "./configure; make; sudo make install" for tuxtype-1.7.2. This release fixes several issues left over from 1.7.1 - see Change Log

Change Log

12 Jan 2009 - svn revision 844 Version 1.7.2 [ David Bruce <> ] - fixed crashing bug in cascade game in fullscreen due to size of blit queue not being big enough. - fixed drawing glitch in cascade game where words with terminal 'W' had not been getting fully erased in redraw - changed title graphic to "TuxType" instead of "TuxType2" - added opening sound "harp.wav" from Tux Paint. - added rest of fonts needed for remaining Indic languages - changed "warning" output from image loader so it only prints if debug on.

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