File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxMath 1.7.1 - Windows

Release Notes

Executable win32 installer for TuxMath-1.7.1. This release includes a number of minor enhancements and bugfixes over 1.7.0. Most notably, the "Training Academy" lessons should work as intended.

Change Log

2009.Jan.23 ( - revision 851) Version 1.7.1 Build - tuxmath.desktop and tuxmath.spec files incorporated into tarball. Graphics - cloud.png cleaned up a bit. David Bruce <> 2009.Jan.17 ( - revision 847) Code - background scaling and optimization in factoroids.c cleaned up, basically now uses LoadBothBkgds() from loaders.c which has the optimizations incorporated into it. Graphics - new menu icon for "Factors" version of Factoroids. David Bruce <> 2008.Dec.16 ( - revision 812) Code - some work on mathcards.c to check for indeterminate questions and to use the "comprehensive" method whenever multiple-operand questions are not needed, such as the "Math Command Training Academy" lessons. Fixed bug in add_all_valid() that was due to the end_of_list arg actually needing to be doubly indirect. Lessons - updated all "Math Command Training Academy" lesson files to make sure all the needed parameters get reset properly between lessons. Graphics - new menu icons for "Factoroids" and "Fleet Missions" David Bruce <> 2008.Dec.11 ( - revision 796) Initial file reorganization to separate SDL-related code from more infrastructural code. This is intended to allow us to create and compile stand-alone programs that test specific functions (e.g., generating problems for specific lessons). Tim Holy <>

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