File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxType 1.7.1 - MacOSX

Release Notes

MacOSX disk image file for Tux Math 1.7.1. This release addresses several issues with prior releases, particularly with regard to more consistent question generation in the "Math Command Training Academy" lesson files.

Change Log

2009.Jan.23 ( - revision 851) Version 1.7.1 Build - tuxmath.desktop and tuxmath.spec files incorporated into tarball. Graphics - cloud.png cleaned up a bit. David Bruce <> 2009.Jan.17 ( - revision 847) Code - background scaling and optimization in factoroids.c cleaned up, basically now uses LoadBothBkgds() from loaders.c which has the optimizations incorporated into it. Graphics - new menu icon for "Factors" version of Factoroids. David Bruce <> 2008.Dec.16 ( - revision 812) Code - some work on mathcards.c to check for indeterminate questions and to use the "comprehensive" method whenever multiple-operand questions are not needed, such as the "Math Command Training Academy" lessons. Fixed bug in add_all_valid() that was due to the end_of_list arg actually needing to be doubly indirect. Lessons - updated all "Math Command Training Academy" lesson files to make sure all the needed parameters get reset properly between lessons. Graphics - new menu icons for "Factoroids" and "Fleet Missions" David Bruce <> 2008.Dec.11 ( - revision 796) Initial file reorganization to separate SDL-related code from more infrastructural code. This is intended to allow us to create and compile stand-alone programs that test specific functions (e.g., generating problems for specific lessons). Tim Holy <>

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